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God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll
16 March 2012 @ 06:53 am
This journal is mostly public, because most of the time I don't give a damn who sees it. Very occasionally, I might post to "friends only" to avoid drama, or to a select group of close friends, but for the most part my life is an open book. Friend me if you want, I'll probably friend you back. I may or may not read you in return, but it's nothing personal.
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll
27 August 2015 @ 02:56 pm
I'm sick and fucking tired of seeing this shit.

Defiant Kentucky clerk says he’s wiling to die for his right to tell LGBT people they’re going to Hell

SHORT VERSION: this jackass says he'll continue to defy court orders to issue marriage licenses to LGBT couples because his religion dictates that he tell them, instead, that they are going to Hell. He claims he's ready to go to jail or even die for this "belief".

What a crock of shit.

1. This is not your religion, this is your job. you are hired to perform a service. if you aren't going to do it, or you have some reservation about doing it, then get the fuck out. Don't stay there and fuck it up, don't try to prove a point, go a way. The moment he started this crap, he should have been fired for not doing his job, period. this goes for every other instance of this, anywhere. Simple, easy to understand: i hire you to do this, if you don't want to do it, i find someone who will.

2. You feel this "lifestyle" is a sin and against your religious principles? Don't live that way, then. You have that choice and the right to make that choice. PERIOD. Someone else doing something is NOT your choice, nor has anything to do with you practicing YOUR religion. YOUR rights to YOUR religion end at the tip of YOUR nose. you don't get to say "Well, I choose not to eat meat, so no one else gets a steak."

3. "Lovingly telling someone that they are going to Hell" is bullshit. First, i kinda doubt you are doing this out of love, but that's just opinion. Secondly, it's not YOUR JOB to express judgement, it's your job to process forms. Your opinion isn't relevant. If you cannot (or WILL NOT) make that distinction, get out.

4. So, you took an oath to support the law, and that's what you say you are doing, but when the supreme authority says that the law is now overturned and says different, suddenly you aren't going to do so? Where's your oath now?

5. No, your damned religious text is not the supreme law of the land, no more than anyone else's. Bible, Torah, Koran, Satanic Bible, Witch's Bible, Scribblings of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, they are all no better than another, and in a country that supports religious freedom, a country that is not (supposed to be) run by any one religion, The Law outweighs your own internal faith-based (and thus NOT fact-based) beliefs. So put down the book, bud.

6. While we are on the subject of arrogance, don't bring up our veterans and the tired old argument of 'they fought for this" to try and build a foundation for your bigotry. They did not fight for the right of one group to try and rule the roost, they fought for the freedom of ALL Americans, the freedom to live free from persecution and as equals. You know what the price of freedom really is? It's the fact that you have to remember that everyone else is free, too...not just you and your chosen congregation.

7. Fuck you, and fuck any "this is a War On ____" talk. It's not a war on Christianity; as far as i can see, the only aggressors (and thus, the only ones waging a war) are the bigots. If the SCOTUS ruling inadvertently made some Christians suddenly guilty of "religious persecution", then maybe you should stop persecuting people instead of trying to defend your right to persecute. That would seem to be a much more Christian response.

8. At no point has anyone taken away your religious freedom. You are still free to worship and believe as you choose. Others are simply being given the rights they should have had already, as American citizens. However, and it bears repeating, your religious freedom does not extend beyond yourself. Feel how you wanna feel, believe as you wish to believe, but society as a whole (yes, all genders, races, nationalities, orientations, creeds, and political stances) must still be subject to the Social Contract.

Didn't we have these arguments already, about race? About country of origin? About gender? And haven't they already been shut down, legally (if not, unfortunately, socially)? Why are we still doing this? What the fuck is wrong with these people? I'm done with this, I'm done. If this is how you think and feel, then I'm going to have to take a page from your book, lower myself to your level, and treat you like you treat others; shun you, cut you off, and refuse you service.

End of discussion. Grow the fuck up.
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God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll
19 July 2015 @ 07:30 pm
With all the debate and news going around about the Confederate flag, I've wanted to say something about my own sigtuation. Hell, i think there are some that kinda expected me to do so, but I was truly torn about what I felt and wanted to do. On that discussion, I read a post on FB from a black farmer, the short version of was this: coming up to a house where the flag was displayed, they knew that the person inside had just as much chance of being a wonderful, hospitable, best ol' Southern buddy, as they they had of being a racist bigot with desires of violence. Regardless of what the post writer might want to do, taking a chance on the resident being great meant also taking a chance that their wife would be a widow that night.

Now, I try to be that "Southern Gentleman" type. I want those I interact with to feel the hospitality and gentility that the idealized South should be known for offering. Sure, I'd love to have that flag mean these things, but I have to come to terms with the fact that it doesn't, at least, not exclusively. if there was a way to strip that association, to 'take it back', I would in a heartbeat. Alas, I accept that someone seeing it might not be able to afford to give me the chance to show who I am. Well, folks, i can't have that.

So, here's my response to them:
Growing up in the South, I got used to the flag. it was just another thing to see, y'know? I took it as a symbol of my heritage, and left it at that. My Mom and Grandmother would have slapped the dirt off my head for making racist remarks, so I never took it to mean such a culture of hatred; I was raised to be a 'Southern Gentleman'. Sure, as i grew, I discovered it, saw the types of people with bad attitudes that revered it, but I always strove to rise above that, to show that it could represent that sense of community, of "Southern Hospitality".

With all that has happened over the last few months, I've been a little torn. Of course, I don't want to cause unease, but how could I try to 'take it back' if it wasn't around? I hemmed and hawed, thunk and debated, but in the end, it came down to one thing: priorities. What was truly important, that I show who I was to those around me, or that I try to let a symbol...one under a lot of scrutiny and argument, at that...make that call for me?

I'll always be proud of where I came from, and I'll always be proud to be an example of the goodness that can come from The South, but I doubt I'll ever display that flag again. I'll not risk losing out on what could be a friend, business partner, or opportunity because they couldn't take that risk of knowing if I was a racist asshole or not. I'll let my actions speak, thanks a lot.
Am I going to throw my flag away, burn it, destroy it? No, but I'm not letting it into the light of day, either. I'll always be a Southern Boy, but I'll let people discover that by coming up to meet me, not by seeing me a mile away and having to guess.
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll
12 July 2015 @ 09:33 am
So, "leaked" trailers from Comic-Con for 'Suicide Squad' and 'Deadpool':

Hmm. Ignoring the low-quality uploads, I still have to say that neither one grabbed me. Not saying I hated them or something, I'm still interested, but I wasn't impressed. I'm really trying to be open-minded and not jaded to these things, I swear.

Deadpool: I'm still not really happy with the way DP is being done, but I think, in the end, there's no way I'd ever truly see it and think "perfect", unfortunately. I've been too big a fan for too long, and my internal style/sound/feel for the character isn't going to be reflected anywhere else. Trying to ignore that, I still just didn't get a vibe that felt right, but I also know that this is just the first view. Who knows, it could be awesome. I think the things that are hurting me on this are the fact that this is a character that doesn't fit well into a realistic space and has always been at least partly comic relief...and the fact that I dislike Ryan Reynolds.

Suicide Squad: Well, hell, can barely tell what's going on in this trailer, that's a start. Again, low quality. Also, though, DC is sticking to this "more gritty, more realistic" feel, and this isn't just super-heroes (who still have to be "human" underneath), these are the psycho super-villains. Making them normal crazies felt strange, and I got very little vibe of each on sight. Harley only sorta struck me as Harley (if I hadn't known it was her, it would have been even harder to place). Deadshot, I don't think I'd have guessed, or Rick Flagg. Croc just looks like some fucked-up big guy. Joker...he's been done so many times in so many ways that you can't help but compare him to previous runs. Without that comparison, though, I dunno, I'm just wasn't invested in it.

Again, this is all first-look reaction. Not making any sweeping judgements, yet.

But they didn't grab me.
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God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll
21 June 2015 @ 04:49 pm
As a bit of an intro to the company, New Boss gave me some notes on a full-page ad that either they just did or they are about to do. Said to take the weekend and see what I can come up with. Now, I could go over-the-top creative, but I know that one of the main things he needs right now is someone that can recreate things to spec, so I chose to go a little more conservatively in my layout, following his (hard-to-read) specs. This feels more like a time for precision, not art.

Took a little longer than I wanted, but I haven't done this kind of thing in a long time, I'm still using a VERY old copy of Photoshop, and I'm still working on this crappy old computer. I feel pretty good about it, and it gives me a benchmark on where my speed and skill levels are. That all being said, I see that I'm still my own worst critic, and am not truly satisfied with it, but I'm-a go with it anyway.

Biggest hope right now is that this all works out, and I'll have the money to get a new machine in the near future. This beast is the box i had built back in 2007, it's still running WinXP, and it's been dying a slow death for a few years now. Just have no money to upgrade.
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll
19 June 2015 @ 06:51 pm
So, you may recall that I left Jiffy Lube last month, just gave my two weeks notice and walked. It was a bit of a scary move, doing so without another job lined up, but it was something I felt I needed to do. I decided that I needed a couple of weeks to just recenter myself, and I had the money in the bank to do so without worries.

Well, that 2 weeks turned into a month, something which I firmly blame on Skyrim (gawd help me, not only have I fallen completely into it, I bought a copy for Jessica and SHE'S hooked). I did finally start looking, but I fully admit I didn't put as much energy into it as I should have. Easy to fall into a rut, you know? Now, that being said, I just put in a resume to be a Territory Manager for Valspar (paints, industrial coatings, etc.). No word yet on that.

Today, middle of the afternoon, I get a text asking if I'm working today. No clue who sent it, don't recognize the number. Turns out that this is a former customer of mine that to whom I had spoken about graphic design and whatnot. That was something like 18 months ago, but he still had my number. He's at a point where he needs a designer on staff, and called me to talk.

I scooted my big ass over to his office (all of ten minutes away!), and we shot the breeze for a good hour and a half. I met the rest of the office, we discussed possibilities, yadda yadda yadda. In the end, he's not sure if he wants me for an artist, or if he wants me for some other reason...but he wants me there. Can I start Monday morning?

O.o - Um, YEAH.

How in the HELL did that happen? Dunno, don't care. I like what I'm seeing, what I'm hearing.
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll
11 June 2015 @ 08:04 am
Christ, it was a punch in the gut to read of the death of Christopher Lee this morning. Don't get me wrong, he has well earned the rest, but this was a titan to me.

Fact is, the term 'legend' gets tossed about like it means little, and indeed, in this day and age of quickly manufactured and quickly dismissed substance, I almost want to avoid the term...but I fear that trying to find a way to describe his legacy would only devolve into excessively florid language.

He truly is a legend. His body may be lost to us, but he is yet immortal.
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll
09 June 2015 @ 11:24 pm
I have a fairly low opinion of human society, this is no secret. Sure, there are persons that I like and treasure, but in general, I don't think much of humanity. Then, I run across moments like this one, and I just kinda want to cry.

- Wal-Mart Fight -

This actively saddened me

- The woman in the scooter who obviously didn't need it. Too lazy to walk around? Sure got up out of that seat to fight fast enough.

- The complete lack of social grace, manners, or even consideration. No clue what this fight was even about, could barely hear them, but...seriously? What could possibly neeed to go this far?

- The sheer idiocy of the situation. You're fighting in a Wal-Mart aisle, for the luvva. You're bitch-wrasslin' in the shampoo area. There's no part of this that isn't going to make you look like a moron.

- The child...oh, god, the child. That made me saddest. This child's actions, reactions, speech. his mother, his mother, calling on him to punch the other woman in the face. The total and willful lack of respect. you have no doubts of the kind of man he'll grow up to be.

- The first impulse being to laugh and film. Add to this, the conversation later about how it's better, nowadays, not to try and break it up for fear of being caught up in a lawsuit.

There's not a single thing here that doesn't bother me. Sure, this is a bit extreme, not everyone is this bad...but it's terrible that ANYONE is like this, much less how often I see and hear the opening to this. Do they follow through? No, usually someone backs down or thinks better of the consequences, but why be like this at all? Stupid, STUPID little things that make low-class, low-intelligence people feel the need to puff up and alpha out, basing their entire being on postures of strength and violence. 'Cause, y'know, we aren't inundated with THAT shit every day.

Thanks to all of you who have a brain, and some ethics. Thanks to all who try to resolve conflicts in a civil manner. Thanks to all who raise their children to respect each other and the world. Thanks for those that have and teach manners and gentility.

And damn the rest of you.
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll
25 December 2014 @ 11:21 am
I have a bit of a rep for being fairly "bah, humbug" about the holidays. Honestly, it's not that I dislike them, I just get very tired and annoyed very quickly by the weird forced joy and insane consumerism, especially when it is combined with an inability to get away from the constant music (don't get me started on the fact that so many musicians feel the need to put out a holiday record with their own spin on the music).

Sorry, little off-topic swerve, there.

Anyway, I don't actually hate the time, just the expectations. I'm more likely to have fun if I am not forced into it. Hell, I've spent entire work days in the garage in a Santa hat while working on cars, just for the goofiness of it. I amused the entire art department of Graceland by singing "Blue Christmas" at the top of my lungs. Jessica and I have a 4-foot fake purple tree.

So, in the end, here's me wishing all of you the best of the season. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanzaa, Spiritually Fulfilling Equinox, Rockin' Festivus, Cool Yule, Sweet Saturnalia, and Happy Holidays to you all.

Now, get that spirit in your heads...and keep it all through the year. No reason to only be excellent to each other for a few days, when we can do it all the time.
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll
08 October 2014 @ 09:49 pm
While indulging in a bit of alcoholic relaxation tonight, I came up with a toast that I am fairly proud of. I posted this to FB (because that's where you post when you are drinking, natch), but I liked it enough I want to make sure it's not forgotten.

"Drink to the future, drink to the past, drink for the friendships that truly do last, drink to the sun and drink to the moon, and drink for the fun that is over too soon."

I like being a wordy bastard.

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