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Stupid People

I Gotcher Free Inhabitant Status Right Here, Swingin'

Holy cats...I've only just become aware of this "free inhabitant / article 4" bullshit. Watching some of the videos of these wingnuts is comedy gold, and very, very saddening. There's a huge difference between a legitimately illegal arrest/police action and you just not wanting them to do something. Just because you disagree does not make the cop's actions wrong, no matter what you scream at them. All this bullshit does is muddy the waters more then they already have been.

The lack of basic respect and the absolute certainty that they can just say or do something that will magically make law enforcement leave them alone is downright frightening. What possible basis could they think they have that snarking off to the officers that pulled them over or that simply "declining" to answer simple questions is going to work? "I'm a free inhabitant, I'm of the Earth, I have private sovereign citizenship"...really? Really?

I would expect nothing less to come out of a culture and time that told children that they got an award for showing up, that their every thought was important and should be shouted, that 'the customer is always right' and that you should demand to see a manager/superior, and that simply screaming that you are being assaulted or that you do not consent will stop cops from handcuffing you. The arrogance, the willful audacity, the unmitigated egotism...it makes me sad. My only shining point in this is that this is only a very small number of people.

Short version: the Articles of Confederation no longer apply, ever since we set the Constitution in place. Besides that, article 4 simply stated that any free inhabitant of a state had the same rights as any federal citizen, it did NOT give them license to not obey the law.

For more hilarity, there's a great compilation vid of these idiots, but it's twice as much fun watching a 'reaction' vid of it!
There Is No Banana

Re: Kim Davis:

I've been trying to basically stay off the topic, as there is enough bullshit being said without my spouting off any further about it. However, I feel the urge to say this, which started with a comment elsewhere:
"I'm willing to go against my personal ethic to not resort to violence for the chance to punch her in the mouth. So fucking sick of this useless waste of oxygen. And, really, what a sulk-fest, passive-aggressive load of crap, all this BS about choosing between her job and her faith, and this other line about making a point of putting that it was by court order on there...what-the-fuck-ever, Kim. Dammit, why hasn't someone just set her on fire. Johnson said that patriotism was the last refuge of the scoundrel...but I think we might want to add 'religion' into that quote."
Kim, you are a disgrace to your job, your religion, your country, and your species. You are on a list of people that make me sad to be human, and your bullshit bigotry is a sad example of low-intelligence belligerence in the face of change. Your continued reluctance to simply be a decent human being is worthy only of scorn and invective, and history will bear this out. This country, one of freedom and democracy, has been through movements that have seen the end (legally, at least) of discriminations and the establishment of equal rights for all genders and all races. Hell, you wouldn't even be able to HAVE the job you so self-righteously shit on if we hadn't been through this before. For you to simply repeat the losing fight of history shows a marked lack of intelligence, social awareness, and character.

Grow up, Kim. Stop hiding behind a flag and a cross to justify your hatred. You have already proven that your god's laws are not to be explicitly followed (divorce? hmm?), so why stoop to this, which is a fuzzy area anyway? Sign the damn papers, it doesn't make YOU gay, any more than someone signing gun licenses is condoning violence and murder or someone singing a bar's liquor license is cheering on drunkenness. But then, doing that would not make you famous, would it?

You know what would, though? Doing your job and being happy about it. Show the world the Kim Davis of love, acceptance, and passion. Go on record as saying "in Kentucky, we like everyone, and we're not afraid to show that we are FOR love and AGAINST hate!" Of course, I guess that'd make you go against your principles, too, huh? Guess you'll go on being the sad, boring, hateful, spiteful, small person you have shown the world.

The world will continue to move on...with or without you.
Monster Bear

(no subject)

Finally got to see "Mad Max: Fury Road" (Don't judge, I don't get out much these days). As a huge fan of the Max films, I've really looked forward to it. With that, a couple things need be said.

- I was a little surprised at the slow build of a lot of the plot. I didn't see this as a bad thing; in fact, it stayed pretty true to the pacing of the other flicks. Was just not expecting to see that in today's cinema culture.

- I did NOT buy in to Tom Hardy as Max. The grey hair was missing. The scar on the eye was missing. He was too bulky for Max's build. He just didn't seem or feel like Max. Not that Hardy did a bad job, it just wasn't MAX.

- I would have liked a little more background on the antagonists. It was great to see Hugh Keays-Byrne again, but I was left wanting on the back story of Joe, and the Bullet farmer, and the People-Eater. Cool, but no depth at all. Even The Lord Humungous felt less shallow than these guys.

- Lastly, but definitely not least...I didn't see a thing to complain about. I mean all the flap the so-called Men's Rights crowd lost their damn minds over. What was the big fucking deal? I didn't see any emasculation of the males, and I didn't feel Furiosa's actions in any light of sexism, but rather as the right thing to do. J and I both tried to figure out what the problem was, and came up snake-eyes. Just more modern-day examples of people looking for something to be offended by.

All in all, good stuff, loved it. Too bad I'm hearing soch weak reviews of the game tie-in, but that's not wholly unexpected. i'll play it eventually, anyway. Only down note of it all was that I ordered it through Amazon, and instead of the Blu-Ray/DVD combo, the one we got had 2 identical DVDs inside. Amazon is shipping us a new one, so hopefully it was a random error and not a general defect with the first run or something.
Jet (Cowboy Bebop)

Art(punk) Is What You Can Get Away With

I started this note with the phrase: "I'm so fucking tired of (blank)-punk designations for fiction subgenres". However, I quickly paused and realized that this is a typical thing to happen, in this day and age of style and image over substance.

Face it, in the era of soundbite social media, everything has to be shared to the world as fast as you can and in as small a package as it can be packed so as to capture even an iota of public notice before it is swept away by the tides of cat pictures, prank videos, snarky blog replies, and political tirades. It's highly unlikely that your fiction story, game framework, or short video will get much of a wide experience when the average person has to try and keep up with so many threads and passages, and won't bother blocking out too much time for anything that they can't quickly repost to show that they are hip by seeing it first.

So, instead, come up with a new word that is easily quotable, something that will get used plenty even if it is, by itself, not that big a deal. A category of fiction, especially that already exists? Good start. See that someone is taking it in a new direction? (Genre)-punk! It's new! It's cool! It's hip! It's "subversive" (because, you know, you SAID punk, right?)! And all you other self-proclaimed artists want to be cool, too, right? So add something to this category, quick, so you can be a forerunner of this one, especially if you already have something that fits, so you can be a "I did it before it was cool, I was a Founding Artist of this movement" type! Woo, I say, woo!

It's not as much that it's not cool without a category, it's that people are less likely to take the time to read your novel if they can't find a reason why. BUUUUT (dot dot dot) if you can promote it with a post saying how it's the newest and greatest example of (blank)-punk wonderness, you not only grab all the bandwagoneers, you catch the eye of any blog that is catering to it, and then the sky's the limit....for now.

Form above function. Style above substance. Essence of art, right? Not to imply that art is shallow...just the subversion of it.

Fuck You - Hammer

This Is Not Your Religious Freedom

I'm sick and fucking tired of seeing this shit.

Defiant Kentucky clerk says he’s wiling to die for his right to tell LGBT people they’re going to Hell

SHORT VERSION: this jackass says he'll continue to defy court orders to issue marriage licenses to LGBT couples because his religion dictates that he tell them, instead, that they are going to Hell. He claims he's ready to go to jail or even die for this "belief".

What a crock of shit.

1. This is not your religion, this is your job. you are hired to perform a service. if you aren't going to do it, or you have some reservation about doing it, then get the fuck out. Don't stay there and fuck it up, don't try to prove a point, go a way. The moment he started this crap, he should have been fired for not doing his job, period. this goes for every other instance of this, anywhere. Simple, easy to understand: i hire you to do this, if you don't want to do it, i find someone who will.

2. You feel this "lifestyle" is a sin and against your religious principles? Don't live that way, then. You have that choice and the right to make that choice. PERIOD. Someone else doing something is NOT your choice, nor has anything to do with you practicing YOUR religion. YOUR rights to YOUR religion end at the tip of YOUR nose. you don't get to say "Well, I choose not to eat meat, so no one else gets a steak."

3. "Lovingly telling someone that they are going to Hell" is bullshit. First, i kinda doubt you are doing this out of love, but that's just opinion. Secondly, it's not YOUR JOB to express judgement, it's your job to process forms. Your opinion isn't relevant. If you cannot (or WILL NOT) make that distinction, get out.

4. So, you took an oath to support the law, and that's what you say you are doing, but when the supreme authority says that the law is now overturned and says different, suddenly you aren't going to do so? Where's your oath now?

5. No, your damned religious text is not the supreme law of the land, no more than anyone else's. Bible, Torah, Koran, Satanic Bible, Witch's Bible, Scribblings of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, they are all no better than another, and in a country that supports religious freedom, a country that is not (supposed to be) run by any one religion, The Law outweighs your own internal faith-based (and thus NOT fact-based) beliefs. So put down the book, bud.

6. While we are on the subject of arrogance, don't bring up our veterans and the tired old argument of 'they fought for this" to try and build a foundation for your bigotry. They did not fight for the right of one group to try and rule the roost, they fought for the freedom of ALL Americans, the freedom to live free from persecution and as equals. You know what the price of freedom really is? It's the fact that you have to remember that everyone else is free, too...not just you and your chosen congregation.

7. Fuck you, and fuck any "this is a War On ____" talk. It's not a war on Christianity; as far as i can see, the only aggressors (and thus, the only ones waging a war) are the bigots. If the SCOTUS ruling inadvertently made some Christians suddenly guilty of "religious persecution", then maybe you should stop persecuting people instead of trying to defend your right to persecute. That would seem to be a much more Christian response.

8. At no point has anyone taken away your religious freedom. You are still free to worship and believe as you choose. Others are simply being given the rights they should have had already, as American citizens. However, and it bears repeating, your religious freedom does not extend beyond yourself. Feel how you wanna feel, believe as you wish to believe, but society as a whole (yes, all genders, races, nationalities, orientations, creeds, and political stances) must still be subject to the Social Contract.

Didn't we have these arguments already, about race? About country of origin? About gender? And haven't they already been shut down, legally (if not, unfortunately, socially)? Why are we still doing this? What the fuck is wrong with these people? I'm done with this, I'm done. If this is how you think and feel, then I'm going to have to take a page from your book, lower myself to your level, and treat you like you treat others; shun you, cut you off, and refuse you service.

End of discussion. Grow the fuck up.
Atomic Brain

Flag Thoughts

With all the debate and news going around about the Confederate flag, I've wanted to say something about my own sigtuation. Hell, i think there are some that kinda expected me to do so, but I was truly torn about what I felt and wanted to do. On that discussion, I read a post on FB from a black farmer, the short version of was this: coming up to a house where the flag was displayed, they knew that the person inside had just as much chance of being a wonderful, hospitable, best ol' Southern buddy, as they they had of being a racist bigot with desires of violence. Regardless of what the post writer might want to do, taking a chance on the resident being great meant also taking a chance that their wife would be a widow that night.

Now, I try to be that "Southern Gentleman" type. I want those I interact with to feel the hospitality and gentility that the idealized South should be known for offering. Sure, I'd love to have that flag mean these things, but I have to come to terms with the fact that it doesn't, at least, not exclusively. if there was a way to strip that association, to 'take it back', I would in a heartbeat. Alas, I accept that someone seeing it might not be able to afford to give me the chance to show who I am. Well, folks, i can't have that.

So, here's my response to them:
Growing up in the South, I got used to the flag. it was just another thing to see, y'know? I took it as a symbol of my heritage, and left it at that. My Mom and Grandmother would have slapped the dirt off my head for making racist remarks, so I never took it to mean such a culture of hatred; I was raised to be a 'Southern Gentleman'. Sure, as i grew, I discovered it, saw the types of people with bad attitudes that revered it, but I always strove to rise above that, to show that it could represent that sense of community, of "Southern Hospitality".

With all that has happened over the last few months, I've been a little torn. Of course, I don't want to cause unease, but how could I try to 'take it back' if it wasn't around? I hemmed and hawed, thunk and debated, but in the end, it came down to one thing: priorities. What was truly important, that I show who I was to those around me, or that I try to let a symbol...one under a lot of scrutiny and argument, at that...make that call for me?

I'll always be proud of where I came from, and I'll always be proud to be an example of the goodness that can come from The South, but I doubt I'll ever display that flag again. I'll not risk losing out on what could be a friend, business partner, or opportunity because they couldn't take that risk of knowing if I was a racist asshole or not. I'll let my actions speak, thanks a lot.
Am I going to throw my flag away, burn it, destroy it? No, but I'm not letting it into the light of day, either. I'll always be a Southern Boy, but I'll let people discover that by coming up to meet me, not by seeing me a mile away and having to guess.

Trailers, Fandom, and um....Anyway...

So, "leaked" trailers from Comic-Con for 'Suicide Squad' and 'Deadpool':

Hmm. Ignoring the low-quality uploads, I still have to say that neither one grabbed me. Not saying I hated them or something, I'm still interested, but I wasn't impressed. I'm really trying to be open-minded and not jaded to these things, I swear.

Deadpool: I'm still not really happy with the way DP is being done, but I think, in the end, there's no way I'd ever truly see it and think "perfect", unfortunately. I've been too big a fan for too long, and my internal style/sound/feel for the character isn't going to be reflected anywhere else. Trying to ignore that, I still just didn't get a vibe that felt right, but I also know that this is just the first view. Who knows, it could be awesome. I think the things that are hurting me on this are the fact that this is a character that doesn't fit well into a realistic space and has always been at least partly comic relief...and the fact that I dislike Ryan Reynolds.

Suicide Squad: Well, hell, can barely tell what's going on in this trailer, that's a start. Again, low quality. Also, though, DC is sticking to this "more gritty, more realistic" feel, and this isn't just super-heroes (who still have to be "human" underneath), these are the psycho super-villains. Making them normal crazies felt strange, and I got very little vibe of each on sight. Harley only sorta struck me as Harley (if I hadn't known it was her, it would have been even harder to place). Deadshot, I don't think I'd have guessed, or Rick Flagg. Croc just looks like some fucked-up big guy. Joker...he's been done so many times in so many ways that you can't help but compare him to previous runs. Without that comparison, though, I dunno, I'm just wasn't invested in it.

Again, this is all first-look reaction. Not making any sweeping judgements, yet.

But they didn't grab me.