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The Gods Do Not Want Eric To Have A Car

So, as i mentioned yesterday, Eric's car died. No power. We went and bought a new battery, and got power, lights, etc...but it still won't start, which is when Eric remembers that it has been acting funny. So we push-start the thing (thank goddess it's a stick-shift), get it running, and start to head out. It's cold, though, so it doesn't wanna shift. Stop and let it warm up, it doesn't wanna shift into gear now, clutch won't even engage. Long and short of it, we go for a drink (or three) whiole waiting for wayren and scurvykat to come pick us up and take us home. Thank you a million times over, guys, I really do appreciate it!

But we ended on a good note. Arriving home, I find my house full of people, which I always like. steveness shows up with Jenn, Richard, and lo and behold, the inimitable meowlet, who I have wanted to meet for a long time. I thought she looked familiar, and it was a fun introduction. Kat, you have a standing invite to show up anytime!

Ended the night by wrapping steveness in green cling-film, before they went for coffee (I'd love to have gone, but I had to catch the early bus this morning, and it was already 2am...(*sigh*)).

As always, I apologize for the crappy-ness of the pix. I really want a new camera, and I can't believe I actually considered putting a PayPal button here and asking for help, but I can't bring myself to whore myself out like that for something I don't NEED. But my b'day and Xmas are coming up here, so if anyone gets a wild hair up their ass, feel free!

Steve, The Cling-Film Mummy

Steve's nose was itching, and the only handy help was Kat's shoulder

Eric helping to button Steve's shirt over the cling-film, as he is held down by Steph and Kat tries desperately to put his hair up (which he didn't want)

Steve, trying to get out the door blocked by Jenn, hits her with his 'Taiwanese Death Drill' wrestling attack...bringing only a laugh from her and Kat

Goddess, my camera sucks...

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