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Goofy Friday Evening Links

Here's a laugh, just waiting for your drunk asses to come home from the club, or maybe Saturday morning's groggy half-sleeping minds.

Ghetto Wedding: Christ on a rice cracker...this is just scary, and the commentary makes it doubly funny. While I'll go ahead and warn you to be on the lookout for the wedding cake, which I'm fairly certain defies the laws of gravity and is giving Newton a permanent after-life headache, please don't scroll down. Read the comments with each pic before you see the next...it's worth it. Poor guy, it's pretty obvious all the money in THAT relationship is gonna go to HER.

Ass Fuck: In all truth, this is almost work safe...almost. Don't open it at work. Just don't. Trust me. But, visually, it's cleaner than Skeeter's peter, dig? Funny stuff, and not what you might think it to be.

And, lastly, in the "FUCK OFF, YOU AREN'T COOL" department: You know those 'spinner' rims you can get for your car now? Well, for those that need that extra bit'o'bling when they stride down the street, we have spinners for your shoes. I can't make this shit up, kids.

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