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Parental Idiocy

OK, I need to know if I'm just crazy.

Erik's best friend is a kid named Ryan. Last week, the word came down to us that Ryan had lice, so we checked Erik out, and he was clean. It's one of those things you deal with, when you have kids, no worries. Frankly, if it was MY kid with lice, he wouldn't be around other kids, just out of courtesy, but I'm not Ryan's mom...but, yesterday, I seriously considered tracking her down and breaking a foot off in her ass.

First day of school, right? Come to find out, Ryan and his sister have, not your normal run-of-the-mill lice, but freakin' scabies. Beyond that, she sent them to school ANYWAY. Go one better, after school, when Jane picks them all up (she gives them a ride home, sometimes keeps them after school, etc.) and finds this out, their mom isn't even home, so she can't take them home to keep them away from the other kids. Oh, and dare I finish this tirade without mentioning that their mom was planning on sending them to school again TODAY.

Now, am I completely off my nut, or is this some of the most irresponsible shit you've ever encountered? Thankfully, Jane, and a couple other people were making a point of calling the school to make sure that they were aware and that these two were sent home.

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