God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
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Superhero Flicks

Just watched the trailer for Grayson, and it looks really damn good. I'm impressed...wish there was a movie to go with it.

EDIT: No, there is no actual film. Not even a script. They'd LIKE it to happen, but it won't. Warner Brothers has their slate of super-flicks, and they aren't gonna make way for this, or any other...much less, look at the sheer number of plots/characters in this thing! You'd have to make 4 flicks...and you'd pay through the nose.

WB has already put the kibosh on this, and potential films and fan films like it. Hell, they jumped down ComicCon's throat about showing this, "Batman: Dead End" and "World's Finest". Apparently, since you have to pay to get into ComicCon, they used that as a basis for saying that they were making a profit off of these licensed characters. Fuckers.

Sad, really. There are a LOT of really good upcoming filmmakers who are making movies simply for the love of film and of certain characters, and yet, look at the shit that is made, year after year. It's not about good movies, it's about money...and all the love in the world can't compete with flashy car chases, big explosions, and moronic dialogue. That's why I support a particular type of independant filmmaker; not the arty bastards, trying to "say something", but the ones that are just people who really love film, and certain subjects, and want to honour them by keeping them alive.

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