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I'm feeling very old today. Not bad, just old. Or maybe I should say out of shape.

When you spend the weekend trying to keep up with a sexual powerhouse 5 years younger, and you really haven't had sex for a while, well, it takes a lot out of a man. I'm not complaining, it's great to be getting back into the swing of things, so to speak, but damn, am I sore. And I can't kick this cough, so it's doubly annoying.

Got my Dreamcast, and boy, am I gonna be in trouble there...LOL. Too many games, not enough time!

Then there's the Chamblin Situation. Well, not having seen her for almost a week, (between her being gone and my being gone), here's the best update I can give. She apparently has a job in Portland (dunno what), so I guess that will light a fire under her ass to get out. She doesn't appear to be moving along on that front, but i guess that'll happen. I'll put up with it for a little longer, just to keep things cool....

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