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Music Review: ICP's "Hell's Pit"

I know it's been kinda quiet in here the last couple days...my bandwidth has been very occupied.

Just wanted to mention that I picked up the final Joker's Card this past weekend, Insane Clown Posse's "The Wraith: Hell's Pit". A good album, though it doesn't seem to flow together quite as well as "Shangri-La" did. Also, the 'story' in it isn't as obvious or well-told, but I suppose, to be fair, by this point, it doesn't need to be.

For those of you keeping score at home, this is the second half of the 6th Joker's Card, "The Wraith", he who takes you to Heaven or Hell when you die, depending on what kind of life you led. The first half, "Shangri-La", obviously was Heaven. "Hell's Pit", I'd have thought, would depict the tortures awaiting the evil soul in Hell, but, instead, it seems to be more about the actions that will get you there.

The disc is one of the few that I've ever seen to get, not just an "Extreme Parental Advisory" label, but an actual "R+" rating on it, for violent imagery and language. It definitely earns it, too, with songs such as "Bowling Balls" (about collecting heads), "C.P.K.'s" (about killing crooked preachers), and "The Night Of The 44" (about a shooting spree).

Another major theme going on is insanity, which is kind of a new direction for the Wicked Clowns. Sure, they've always talked about being insane, but never talked about dealing with it. Songs like "Sedatives" and "Manic Depressive" deal directly with mental conditions, while "The Witch" and "In My Room" bring up insanities that sound like supernatural possession. In "Truly Alone" and "Angels Falling", severe depression gets its time in the limelight, as well.

Overall, an excellent album, and well worth owning if you are in any way affiliated with the Juggalo Family. I wouldn't recommend it as an album to introduce someone to ICP, but a must-own for anyone who's down wit' the clown 4 life.

As a side note, there were two versions of the album released, one with the album, and one with the album and a DVD. The DVD is simply two versions of a "mini-movie" based on the track "Bowling Balls" (basically a long video), one version is normal and one is in 3D (this version of the album comes with little 3D glasses). Yes, I got the one with the DVD. Gotta say, the 3D version doesn't really work (that old red/blue glasses trick doesn't lend itself well to color movies, eh?), but ythat's cool, the mini-movie is still cool...and, as an added bonus, my 3D glasses have a little dead bug that got caught in the machine when they were made...how cool is that!

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