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Christ on a rice cracker...how freakin' hard is it to actually READ the community info of a community you join? I mean, come on, you have to go to that page to join anyway! (OK, that's not 100% true, I know how to get around it, but it takes more work, and most wouldn't figure it out anyway)

As you know, I help run dreamyicons. It happens to fall to me to clean up the inappropriate posts in the community, apparently because no one else will. OK, I know our info page is overly long; I didn't have anything to do with that. If it were up to me, 80% of it would be gone, but that's as may be. Due to its length, it could be confusing to those lesser humans out there, and maybe that's why they don't read it, however, we state, quite fucking clearly, a couple of simple things to handle, one being "no requests"...and I quote:
Icon Requests

We are not an icon request community. Many of our members, however, wouldn't mind doing a request or two every once in a while. We ask that you e-mail your chosen graphic artist directly instead of posting your request in the community. If the GA's e-mail is not listed on their userinfo page, you should probably assume that person does not do requests so you might want to pick someone else. If you feel the need to post your request in a community, there are LOTS of requests communities on LJ so give 'em a try.
Pretty straight up and nice, wouldn't you say? And, yet, not a week goes by that I don't have to delete at LEAST two requests, usually more. What REALLY gets me is the people that post a request, I delete it, and they come back later and RE-POST it. They note that it seems to have been deleted, but don't bother trying to find out why.

Stupid...fucking...HUMANS! GRAHHHH!!!!!

Sometimes, I really do think my view of the world is just fucked. I see too many things that are just plain stupid, lazy, and disrespectful, and I wonder how these beings can even FUNCTION, let alone get about the day's events...and yet, that is the norm. Am I truly this crazy? Is this really how you all want to be? Blind, dumb, and aggressively divisive? Am I the foolish one for wanting things to change?

Fuck, I loathe this place sometimes...the rest of the time, I just hate it here.

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