God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Out And About...Sort Of

Hey...posting from zombiedip's office. She had to come in today to get some backlogged work finished up, and I offered to come keep her company. Besides, all I'd have done at home is play pinball all afternoon, or something.

Gotta say, it really makes me appreciate my computer, though...this hunk-o'-shit I'm on is slow, weak, and out of date. Cripes...

Oh, and let the record show that the guy that is supposed to do maintenance around the apartments for the landlord is a brainless twerp. He showed up Thursday, since the brackets that hold my dishwasher into the countertop had broken (well, one broke, the other couldn't hold it in and ripped free). He came in, stared at it for a while, hemmed and hawed, and decided that it wouldn't be a problem to fix, and he'd be back the next day to fix it and add a strip of wood that would prevent anything like it happening again. Friday comes and goes, and no show. Today, middle of the day, he shows up, stands in my doorway, rambles on for five minutes about how he's forgotten everything he needs (repeated a good four or five times), and leaves again, after establishing that we do not have a saw. He returns with a p[iece of wood...nothign else, mind you...and takes another ten minutes figuring out how short to cut this piece of wood to make it fit. Now, mind you, he doesn't have a tape measure or ruler...Hell, Thursday, he borrowed MINE, but apparently didn't think to ask for it today. Having decided on his spot to cut, he takes the wood and leaves, promising to come back tomorrow or Monday to actually do the work.

What a doorknob.

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