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Cock The Hammer

Let me just state something for the record. Believe it or not, I am not "anti-Christian". I DO disagree with organized religion, but I support anyone's right to be whatever religion gets them through the night, you know? If you want to worship Yahweh and follow the teachings of Jesus, then anyone that would tell you not to gets to go through me, as well.

The problem I have is when ANYONE tries to run MY life, based on what they have chosen to believe. Faith and fact are two very different things...and when it comes to a country with as much religious diversity as America, you cannot run any part of that country based on faith. That's the way it is, laid down in the documents that made this place: amendment 1 - "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof...". This means that you may believe as you choose, but it ALSO means that the other guy can, too, and you cannot impose on him, just because you don't agree. Exercising your religion also means living by your religion's laws and precepts...it does NOT mean making someone ELSE live by YOUR religion's laws and precepts.


Let me give you an example of the small-minded, boorish, moronic ass-heads that DON'T get it. As the swank Rod Serling would say, "submitted for your approval": a pair of 'conservative Christian groups' are urging a boycott of two major Proctor & Gamble products. Why? Because P&G, on their internal website, opposed an anti-gay rights statute in its hometown of Cincinnati which would exempt gays and lesbians from special civil rights protection. These two groups have decided that this means that they are "joining a push to allow same-sex marriage" and "aligning itself with radical groups committed to redefining marriage in our country"...not that they have taken ANY position on this issue, nor have they 'aligned' themselves with anyone about anything.

The groups in question, Focus On The Family and the American Family Association, are both heavily Christian-oriented groups, who state their purpose as 'defending traditional family values'...which apparently boils down to vehemently attacking anything they see as the least bit non-Christian. Within their organizations, they are all sweetness and light. Looking at their actions to the rest of the country, they are little more than hate groups, attempting to mould everyone and everything else to their own religion. Please note that the problem is NOT they they are conservative or that they are Christian, it's that they're trying to have everything regulated by their choice of religion, not by facts.

Yeeeeah. Remember that whole "freedom of religion" thing? They don't.

So, here they are again, yelling and foaming at the mouth, hurling epithets and invective upon this company for supporting "radical gay marriage groups"...when the truth is that this is NOT happening. This is a favourite tactic of wild hate groups, of any alignment: take something said, associate it with something kinda related and much more emotive, make accusations based on this associations, and get their enemy on the defensive so that the original statement is lost in a sea of apologies and explanations. They look like they have the "moral high ground", when in fact they are the most reprehensible member of the situation, serving no purpose but to incite riot and hatred.

Frankly, the people who I think should be the MOST angered by this are other Christians. Like any other situation, opinions are formed based on what you see and hear, and what any other religion sees and hears is gangs like these yabbos. Over-the-top and obnoxiously loud, this is the kind of thing that forms stereotypes in the minds of other people, and other countries. Is this how you wish to be seen and thought of? Rabid, intolerant, and condemning? Squeaky wheels, and all...

Please, Gentle Readers...I'm all but begging you. Look at those around, listen to what they say, and then check the facts. Look into the ones making the accusations, just as hard as you look at the accused. When the accusations do not match the facts, then ask yourself why the accusation was hurled in the first place...remember, "Qui bono?" ("Who benefits?"). Do not allow these people to run your life, or to regulate what you do or say or think or choose, for no reason other than the fact that they do not like it. That goes for anything, anyone, anytime. The more you allow this to happen, the more it will continue to happen, and the harder it will be for you to stop it.

Ask yourself: how much are you willing to let someone else dictate your life?

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