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I Guess I'll Just Keep On...Ramblin'

Di looks to be coming down with a cold or something, so she feels grungy, and has long since gone to bed. me, I'm wired, even though I have to get up and drive in the morning.

The newer of my ear piercings has been hurting all day.

dravengodvamp, who we hoped would be out in 20 days or so, now is gonna be stuck in the joint until his court date, first week of fuckin' December. That fuckin' sucks wet farts out of dead pigeons, and my hope is that he'll finally get out of all this and move back up here. Gotta get him away from Texas.

Merddynn, another of my brothers-in-spirit, is in a bad way with his life...hopefully, with some luck, he'll get some things that are due him soon, and he can use them to get his life back on track and get rid of some garbage.

Counting the days until caliban arrives. Due to his OWN problems, he didn't get his license shit cleared up, so he's flying up instead of driving. Looks like he got a good deal, though, so all groovy.

See, that's what I need. A gathering of my True Family. However, the concept of getting them all in one place is staggering. I started to list them here, but the last time I listed a particular group of close friends, someone flipped out at not being included, and I'm frankly not in the mood for such drama. Suffice it to say that if you are members of the True Family, chances are you know it.

Chatting with nythien always cheers me up. Note for later...I seem to be able to get her panting and moaning "oh god", all the way from here. Damn I'm good.

Actually, talking with any of the True Family cheers me up. Too bad that nearly all of them are a thousand-plus miles away.

Enough of this...

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