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Desktop Answers

Several people asked about things on my desktop (see previous post):

Boombox: That's WinAmp 5.05, with the "Pimeer Modern v2" skin.
Calendar : That's Rainlendar, a nifty, tiny, skinnable calendar...quite useful, keeps track of important events, etc.
Sidebar : Man, that thing kicks ass. That's SysMetrix, the most customizable system metering program I've ever seen. Has more things it can possibly do than you can imagine. It is shown with the P98 Colorpack skin (matching skins for Rainlendar), and it does the following: clock, shows space on 4 drives, physical and swap memory usage, CPU usage/temperature/fan speed, network traffic in and out, POP mail, trash bin, temperature/wind/weather, hex colour at cursor point, magnify at cursor point, several quick buttons and interfaces with WinAmp. Hella useful. Different skins can look any way you can think of and do other things as well.

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