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Schedules all funkified...

Di seems to be in the midst of a cold or flu...suckage. As such, she opted to crash out way early last night. I, on the other hand, stayed up much later than normal, chatting with nythien until about 3:30 in the morning. The interesting part is that, being Wednesday, I had to get up and take Di to work...this is where that "small sleep" thing comes in handy (I seem to do better on 3 to 4 hours of sleep at a time).

Got up with the strangest feeling in my head; not a dream, just this odd feeling. I felt like I had to sleep and keep sleeping until a specific point, and then wake up at that moment, because, while I slept, some sort of time-stream was flowing backwards from the future, and at that moment, the time-streams would coincide and my waking would fuse them or something. Go figure.

Got up, got going, dropped Di at work and dropped Erik at Jane's for school, then came home and fell back into bed. Proceeded to have dreams centred around hanging out with reddelicious and her baby girl, Rhiannon (who was actually older in the dream, but not much). Odd moments all through, as usual...like her holding a babydoll with two heads and shaking it, and me thinking, for a moment, that it was actually the baby, and wondering why she was shaking it...and later, both of us going into a convenience store for drinks, and finding lines fifty people long, no one behind the register, and running around the store making fun of it before going back to the car...

Finally woke up around 11, and Di called about 11:20, saying she was giving up on the day. Picked her up at 12, came home for sammiches, and she's been asleep ever since.

See? You aren't actually missing anything in my life, I'm boring...except in my dreams...

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