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Enough Bad News

Gotta send out props to a couple of my bro's, royhuggins and karzon. Along with a couple others, they've started HappyNotSappy.com, "a news site that finds and brings you the good news that lies waiting behind the reports of beheadings and political maneuvering."

Not trying to be a replacement for the news, mind you. But let's face it, modern journalism is all about bringing you the shock and outrage and devastation. Good news is frequently overshadowed or just plain left out, in favour of the latest explosion, disrespect, and scandal. This site finds all that good news, and makes sure it gets it's time in the spotlight.

Feel better about your world, take some time and read about the advances in human and individual rights, the achievements of science, the positive changes. HappyNotSappy.com, baby.

Good on ya, guys.

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