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Words, Words...Words.

Late-night ramblings...some self-referential, some to specific people, some to random people who will never see them.
Sometimes, you just know the next thing you hear is NOT gonna be what you want to hear...nor are the next several things. Sometimes you gotta tough that out.

"Been sleeping for a million years or longer / You woke me up, I'm even stronger"

Caught up this evening with an old and dear friend, who I'd thought was lost to the currents of the Internet and life off of it...good to see you are not only back online, but in a considerably better situation, my dear Lady Raven.

Some thoughts are best left to their nests in the dark of the caves in which they breed...they don't survive well in the harsh light of Reality...you have to treat them well, or they never mature...though, in truth, the vast majority should probably be killed while unable to affect anything.

Get over yourself. You are nothing. You deserve no better than you have, and you will never what you want...and if you did get it, you wouldn't want to pay the price for it; there's always a price.

Well, DUH!...Oh, shut up.

If you want change...you must instigate change.

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