God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Failures, With Just A Hint Of Possibility

Among other hilarity, caliban and I decided we were gonna network UT today between mine and zombiedip's computers. Now, in the old apartment, we had this up and running, but since I've been on UT2K4, we haven't bothered, since I had just installed my copy on her machine for her, and since they have the same unique machine code, they aren't supposed to work together.

So, reinstalling UT on my machine, off we go. Three hours later, we called it off...for whatever reason, we cannot get UT to network between the machines. The machines themselves are networked just fine, no problems, but the games will not see each other. I don't know why, since it worked long ago, but it doesn't wanna work now.

Interesting side note: while we cannot, as we thought, get the copies of UT2K4 to see each other, we CAN get them both seeing outside servers, and we managed to get them both to log into the same online server somehow...though it did eventually kick us off. Figure, in the next couple days, caliban wanted his own copy of UT2K4 anyway, so we'll pick it up, install it on Di's machine, and hopefully there'll be no problem to playing over the LAN.

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