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Day 2

Day two went considerably better...I didn't want to COMPLETELY kill the humans. A couple high points: finally ran into erotocism, which is always good. meant to get a pic with her, but didn't...perhaps today, if they show up again. Also, talked more to Andrew Migliore (founder of the Film Fest), including mentioning that, now that he's quit his day job and focusing full-time on Lurker Films, that I'd be happy to come work for him. Gonna have to keep that particular line of conversation open...

Did get a pic with him and caliban, as well as a couple others. Also snagged a couple great new stickers and posters...will post all at the end of the festival.

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    Upped my speed a hair, and the walk did me good. Time for a quick shower, and then it's game time.

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