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Another Lovecraft Film festival has come and gone, and if you missed it, well, tough beans, buster. Even with the opening night anger, it was a helluva festival, as always. Light on 'stars' this year, which was different, but not bad; it made the focus stay on the films. And great films they were...I won't bother with giving much running commentary about them, as they were mostly either so obscure you'll never see them, or the kind that most of you won't want to see anyway.

I will mention a couple, though. Guerrilla Productions, who pulled off the animated Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath last year, showed their newest, Innsmouth Legacy which was excellent. Also, I talked to Edward Martin III (director and core of Guerrilla Productions) about getting on on his next production, Flesh Of My Flesh.

The H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society was created as a live-action gaming resource, but is now so much more. Their newest project is a movie of The Call Of Cthulhu, filmed as it would have been in the 20's, as a silent B&W flick. The trailer showed this year (the movie will be next year!), and it was flippin' amazing. Hell, it got such great crowd response that after the block it was in, it was shown again, to grand approval.

Other highlights were "The Love Craft" (a quick short based on 'the Love Boat'), The Visage, an amazingly well-put together and creepy short, and The Summoning, a short, silent-film tale that peripherally related back to 'Pickman's Model'. I could go on and on about the movies, but I won't. Suffice it to say a lot of great stuff was seen this weekend.

A couple pix, for your perusal:
Me and Eric with Andrew Migliore - Andrew is the founder of the Lovecraft Film Festival; without him, it wouldn't exist. Feels good to know we're among the people he recognizes on sight...
The Marquee at the Hollywood Theatre
A good shot of the front façade - The Hollywood Theatre has been around since 1926, and is still going strong. It's completely volunteer-run, and is a great place for a flick (and has the best popcorn in the known world!)...learn more at their site.

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