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"...And Fuck YOU, Pretty Boy!"

Woke up with my neck hurting something fierce. If you don't think that will colour your day badly, you're really fuckin' wrong. Got up, got going, and put the smooth finish on the latest bit of corporate logo work...which, I should note, I've fucked around with for nearly two weeks now, scrapping design after design, mostly because the company's name is so damn goofy that nothing I do with it looks the least bit good. God, I hope they go for this design, I'm sick of looking at it (and, if my client or contact reads this, I'm just venting, so no comments about it, please). If not, well, I'll do my job, that's what I'm paid to do. It could be a LOT worse.

Oh, caliban and I finished up the multiplayer 'Dungeon Siege' last night. Game is a lot more fun with other people playing, must say. Probably starting 'Legends of Aranna' today. Fun stuff.

Anyone ever read a comic book called 'Faust'? If so, what did you think of it?

Ugh, need food....

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