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Little Niggling Annoyances

Didn't sleep well last night. Not bad, really, just not well...and not in long stretches, but short, interrupted ones. Get up, go check the downloads I had running last night, and decide that they aren't worth keeping.

Now, having finally, after three freakin' weeks, gained access to a forum for an old game that I still like (Mobile Forces), I take the opportunity to abuse their downloads section. This is the ONLY place I have been able to find mods/skins/maps for MF, other than one map, so I've REALLY wanted to get in here. Snag everything, install them all, and fire up the game. Half an hour later, everything has been uninstalled except for one map and one skin. Shoddy work, almost universally. Completely boring and useless, and, in most cases, not even finished work. How disappointing.

On top of that, I wanted to get up and get doughnuts this morning, but it's now 10:30, and it's not the same late in the morning as it is early, when they're fresh. OK, so SOMETIMES it sucks not having my own cash and car.


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