God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Ho Hum - Boredom And Gaming

Ho hum. Bored.

Really should be working on a couple different graphic projects (a logo and an icon hijack, plus a couple icons), but one, I don't feel like it, and two, I'm waiting on my new mouse.

Sadly, my favourite old chestnut, my cheap-ass CompUSA 5-button optical scrollwheel mouse that has seen me through at least 3 years of work, gaming, and general abuse, is finally starting to go tits-up. As in, leave it sitting there, don't touch it, and watch the cursor slowly move to the left, or the upper left...ghostly! That's OK, though, as I should have my new Logitech MX 510 here in a couple days. Then, back to work!

Finished playing Beyond Good & Evil last night. Eh, not bad, but a little 'cute' for my tastes, and an end fight that was WAY too monotonous. Camera control was a bitch, too.

I want to play FlatOut, dammit. The demo was great...looks like it was just released in the UK and France, but the rumour is that it won't hit the US until next year! Man, that shit pisses me off...it's this sort of thing that makes software piracy continue to happen. Well, that and greed. ;)

Guess I'll go play a little more Need For Speed: Underground, which I have become hooked on.

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