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Long Night

Slept too late last night, which always throws my day off, just slightly.

Strange dreams of being in the back seat of a car (dunno who was driving), coming back from somewhere, and being frightened of their driving abilities (at one point, we were going backwards on a highway). I recall he mentioned something about a button on the rear-view mirror that showed you the last 20 places you'd been, and then it turned into some sort of quiz game about it. As we drove on, I talked with some woman beside me, as we were stretched out, facing the rear of the car (like it was a station wagon or something). We talked about sex, and I mentioned that, after some houseguests that we had left, that Di and I were definitely in need of wild, loud sex (which we'd been apparently suppressing out of decorum...odd...). The woman mentioned that she, too, was in serious need of a good banging, and I told her I'd help if I could, but I can't. Eventually we returned to the house, only to find that it was still flooded in the neighbourhood (apparently, it had been this way for a day or two), and we had to find some way to get in the house without letting the water in. I recalled a little used door on the porch that I recall having found not long before, which led to an upstairs closet, but when I opened the door, the entrance wasn't but a foot tall, so I couldn't fit in it.

The Company That I Work For has been making me edgy lately. Work from them has fallen way off, and that bugs me, but it's not the real problem. The problem is that I have, in my contract, that my invoices will be paid in 30 days...but I've now had to get on to them about paying me on time, TWICE. Both times, no note that it would be late, or any explanation, just a no-show on the check. If all goes according to plan, my check should be sent out today, bringing my pay back up to (mostly) current. Add to that, a different payment from them coming from elsewhere, and that invoice, despite having been sent to them two weeks ago, only two days ago shipped to the money man, and no one knows WHEN he'll cut me a check for the work, makes me very displeased. There's a logo I'm working on now, and I have a feeling that, when it's done, no one gets it until I have a definite pay schedule in writing. Don't ever think that, because I work out of my home and work for myself, that I have it easy.

Oh, one last message: to the young lady I spoke to last night: I do understand, believe it or not. And I meant what I said, friend. Stay strong.

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