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Make Frank A Happy Man

Jeez, do I have a life? I think I left it in a box somewhere...

So, it occurred to me that it's one month until my birthday. Yeesh, whatever. I'm not in that whole "I hate my birthday" category anymore, which is a plus, but I never have anything to say on the subject when asked. Like I told nythien last night, I'm terrible when it comes to people asking me what I want. Mostly because there just aren't many things I want that I don't go ahead and get for myself somehow, and those few things are either pretty expensive, or very boring and mundane. Mostly I just tell people not to bother, thanks for the thought, and no worries.

Well, OK, here ya go. Here's something I want, and it can come from each and every one of you.

I want a rockin' fan sign. Get a pic of yourself, throwin' the horns, hair in the air (beautycorrosion is exempt from that part), tongue hangin'...show me your inner rocker. Have a sign that says "Happy Birthday Frank" or "I Heart You" or whatever slogan you want to show off, even if it's "You're A Fat, Fucked-Up Bastard". Rock out with your cock out (or, if you're a gun nut, with your Glock out...or, if you're a cattle owner, with your stock out...or if you're a cook, with your crock out...or if you're just old, with your clock out). Show me some love, dammit. Drag anyone into the picture you want, I don't care. It's the visual that I'm lookin' for.

Bonus points go out for:
- obnoxious public displays, with onlooking confused Normals
- obnoxious public displays, with participating confused Normals
- including famous people
- attractive females who shed clothing for the pic (as much as you are willing)

Gimme. That's what I want. Cheap, easy, and one-size-fits-all.

OK, I want to get tore-up, fucked-in-half drunk, too, but I can't afford it and I have responsibilities, but as long as I'm dreaming, right? Like Daffy Duck said, "Hey buddy, I'd like...I'd like? I'd like a trip to Europe!"

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