God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Yeah, Yeah, I Piss Everyone Off At Some Point

Everyone's all partying about the Scott Peterson verdict. Here's all I'll say:

1. Yes, I'm all for him being hit with the first-degree murder guilt. It's pretty damn obvious he did it, and it's good to see justice prevail.

2. No, I'm not particularly lovin' the second-degree hit for the unborn son, as I think it just sets more precedent to try and outlaw abortion (by making unborn children 'citizens' that can be then counted as murder victims). Why not make the murder sentence for the REAL victim higher to compensate, why a separate charge? Because politics is everywhere. That's just my opinion.

3. Look, like I said, I'm glad he's busted, too. Someone was killed, and the murderer should pay. But, Christ, kids, let's tone down the victory celebrations a tad, eh? You didn't know either of them, or their families, or have any connection to them. They are outside your monkeysphere. It's one thing to be happy that justice is served, it's quite another to holler 'Vengeance For Laci' as if you knew her. She might not have been such a great person, herself, ever think of that? And you're cheering that a man's gonna (eventually) die...yeah, you look stellar. Don't be manipulated by the media, eh? Lots of people are murdered every day, and you don't know about it...just because this one made national news, it's a personal crusade for you? Sheesh, I'm seeing people just about dancing in the streets over this...and outside of family/friends, I don't see where that is necessary. Of course, I don't get into professional sports, either, so what do I know?

I'm not trying to counterscream, here...I'm just saying to be aware of exactly what all you're so happy about. Try to be a little less monkey-like. Remember, there is no banana.

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