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Death Sucks

Right off the bat, O.D.B. died, mysteriously. Saturday, he was at a recording studio in Manhattan, and he complained of chest pains, and then later collapsed. He was dead by the time the paramedics got there. He would have turned 36 tomorrow. Autopsy and medical exam is scheduled to figure out why he died...Wu-Tang 4ever.

Also, Harry Lampert, the illustrator who created the DC Comics superhero "The Flash" died Saturday. He'd been suffering from cancer. Beyond his legendary comic creation, he was also skilled in advertising, humorous cartooning, and an avid bridge player, who wrote one of the definitive books on the game. He was 88.

You already know that Yasser Arafat died. Here's hoping that his successor will be in the mood to continue the fight for peace and the end of terrorism against Israel that Arafat was ostensibly calling for.

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