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Evening's Passing

-- Put the finishing touches on my latest contract/corporate logo (hopefully). When do I get paid for it? 2 more weeks, if I'm lucky. I'm starting to get a bit of aportfolio under my belt, whcih is kinda cool. On a disturbing note, my ability to bullshit seems to be increasing, and that scares even me. Example: I came up with a logo that, once done, the client mentioned that it vaguely resembled a cock and balls, though it seemed to be a rather large set of balls and a rather small cock...somehow, without missing a beat, I uttered the phrase "True, but that implies power without arrogance." (Think about it...it actually does make sense.) One of my best lines in quite a while, I think.

-- Taught Erik to play "Dungeon Siege" this evening, and he loves it. That's gonna be fun, running him through it.

-- Di was super tired, so she passed out around 9pm. Meanwhile, I've gone through half a bottle of port and watched the entire first season of 'Father Ted', which is a riot, for those that have never had the pleasure.

-- Paused for a couple convos with etherpunk and bitterreign.

-- Tomorrow (or today, depending on how you look at it) is Thanksgiving with the family. Promises to be a long day...wish I had a laptop, so I could do some work, but then, there's plenty of things I want, as long as I'm wishing, eh?

Man, this is a boring post. Makes you wonder why I bother. Dance all day, that's me.

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