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You've seen me write about whiny_general's cooking before...well, she outdid herself this time. Holy Cripes, I'm pretty sure my centre of gravity has shifted. but it's OK, since my stepmom TOLD me it was a requirement that I overeat today, so I was only following orders.

Too much good food, and a little work in there as well, not a bad day. Ray's really looking forward to our moving out there, since it means he'll have some help around the place, so that makes things easier. Also, apparently (while I was out on the porch at one point), he raved about my ability to make good decisions when buying boots...don't ask me, I dunno, but I guess the new boots met with his approval as good work boots. Go figure.

Anyway, I'm gonna collapse on the couch just as soon as I shove something in the VCR, and there shall I stay for the next few hours.

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