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07 December 2004 @ 10:59 am
Headache. Increased heart rate. Bad vision. Shakes.

Christ, I hope I'm coming down with something...then I can look forward to it going away. Oh, and did I mention that I have not one but TWO banner ads to crank out today, and only about half the info I need to do them? Yeah, it's just a great day thus far.

At least I'll be getting said info, at some point. Now, if my fuckin' HEAD would just stop hurting, I'd be groovy.

Pasta salad for lunch, sayeth the Mage.
(Anonymous) on December 7th, 2004 11:15 am (UTC)
I hope that it all goes away and you are feeling better, here drink this "elixir"...
*gives strange green goo*
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll: Archmage Drinkingarchmage on December 7th, 2004 11:28 am (UTC)
Hey there, Herbert West, I'm not dead...yet.
(Anonymous) on December 7th, 2004 11:26 am (UTC)
Alright that's enough! Stop all this getting sick doll! I can't do a thing to try and help you feel better from here but to say hugs and get better.
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll: Dark Babyarchmage on December 7th, 2004 11:45 am (UTC)
Re: Fuck-A-Doodle-Doo
Yes, but that is much appreciated. ;)
zombiedip on December 7th, 2004 12:11 pm (UTC)
I'm sending healing vibes while balancing a plate of brownies on my ass. Well, it's the thought that counts ;)

God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll: Rock Bunnyarchmage on December 7th, 2004 12:32 pm (UTC)