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Why am I telling you this? Because this is the extent of my contact with the outside world, 99% of the time. Funny...you know, in a Kult game I ran, a while back, there was an NPC that the characters ran across, and who was both a help and an annoyance. His name was, simply, UnderGround, and he was a hacker...or at least, that was the best they could figure. He always contacted them by computer, and had an amazing ability to get knowledge and take over systems. they never did figure out who or what he was, or what his agenda was...that's about what I feel like most of the time. I'm just words on a screen, sometimes helpful, sometimes cryptic, some annoying.

Thanks to connections (who wish to remain nameless, but you fuckin' rock), I have a copy of FlatOut, which won't actually be released to the US until next year, but is already out in Europe. An excellent race game, it's had me hooked all morning. Between that and Half-Life 2, I'll be occupied for the day (unless work calls, of course).

But first, a couple sammiches and the afternoon flick:

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