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B'Day Rockin'

I gotta give a rockin' shout-out to a few people. These people answered by birthday wish for "rocking" pictures for my birthday, and they damn well made the day complete. So here's to you guys:

The fun and fascinating bojo427 not only got a shot, but got what appears to be a party full of people to join in

fizgigg and fairie_lark, married masters of metal, got their boy, Christian, to join in the ultimate show of "too much rock for one hand"...

...and Christian showed that he'll grow up to be a damn fine rocker, in his own right.

Lastly, the beautiful and vivacious pornrockangel got in front of her own camera to salute me.

You guys, needless to say, all rock mondo-hardcore. Thank you for making a old rocker happy!

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