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Melbourne's Swastikas At Hanukkah

Man, I found this so damn funny, I couldn't speak or even breathe very well for a few minutes.

Seems that the City Council hired some gardeners to arrange some potted flowers of purple and white in some garden beds downtown. The intention was to arrange them in nice, eye-catching geometric shapes. Six of these garden beds, however, were left in the shape of swastikas...during a time when the city was hosting hundreds of Jews to celebrate the eight-day Hanukkah festival.

Imagine the horror. Go ahead, I'll wait until you calm down...or stop laughing.

Needless to say, Lord Mayor John So had them re-arranged immediately. Initial complaints led to the thought that this was an act of vandalism and hate crime, but investigation showed that it was completely inadvertent. I want to give a special mention to a man of understanding and integrity in all this, Jewish-born councillor Carl Jetter. With the initial assumption of vandalism, he did speak out, calling the act sad and unnecessary. Once he was informed of the unintentional nature of the faux pas, he simply dismissed concerns, saying "It just sounds like an accident."

See? It can be done. The problem was fixed, and he let it all go with dignity and grace. if this was America, I'm sure the city would have suffered through some class-action lawsuit and been forced to pay several hundreds of thousands of dollars to everyone who saw the flowers. Good on ya, Cr Jetter, for having some real class.

NOTE: yes, I said I thought this was hilarious, and I do. No one was actually hurt, it was a simple accident that was fixed. So, laugh about it, and enjoy the harmony of it all, dammit.

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