God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Welcome To Weirdness

Just a few little oddities to get the day grooving.

Man Gets 6 Month Sentence In Hacking Case - This doesn't seem like anything amazing, but dig this: he's 21 now, but the actual hacking was 4 years ago, when he hacked NASA. That in itself is impressive, but he did it because he needed storage space for movies he'd downloaded. Putz.

Mexico City Bans Indoor Nudity - You read that right. In Villahermosa, it is now illegal to be naked in your own home. Apparently, supporters feel this is "zero tolerance" for "a lack of morality" or some such shit. Funny, though, since they don't know how to enforce it, as the law prohibits peeping toms, as well...

The Velvet Vulva - Sounds like a strip club, doesn't it? It's not...it's a purse. Yes, a pussy purse. In various sizes and styles. Oh, sorry, it could be a purse or a "magickal bag". And don't forget the hat!

Good Intentions - Giving out condoms; sounds good so far. Each one with a little note proclaiming them to be for "Anti-AIDS Drive 2004"; OK, good on ya. Add the red AIDS ribbon, sure, why not. STAPLE THEM TO THE CONDOMS...not a good idea anymore.

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