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Old Journals

After all the hooplah about the LJ buy, it made me curious. When GreatestJournal started, I got one, simply because I wanted the photo hosting...now LJ has stepped up to that plate (and probably even better with the buy!), so I don't use it anymore, but it's still there. That made me think back even farther, to DeadJournal. I had one of those LONG ago, started it right after velvetacidgrrrl and I broke up, and I kept it up for about a year, off and on, but it hadn't been touched in over two years. In fact, I thought I'd deleted it, but it turns out that not only did I not delete it, it's now considered the equivalent of an Early Adopter.

Wild. I guess I'll keep it, just dunno what I'll do with it. I'm considering doing something mildly creative with it. Why not, eh? Went through and deleted all previous entries, deleted all the friends I had listed who I don't know anymore, etc. Need to finish fixing it all up again, but no rush.

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