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Sin City Trailer -- Movies

I gotta give credit. The more I see about this, the more I'm actually getting excited about it. Every time I see or read new things about the film, I'm impressed. Christ on a rice cracker, Hollywood may have gotten a comic book film RIGHT! I'm sure that's partly due to Miller's involvement to the level that it is; Hell, he got top billing for directing over Rodriguez. Here's to hoping it's going to be the exception to the rule...and here's hoping the rest of these yahoos making films about comic books are watching and taking notes.

Sin City Trailer at TheCinemaSource.com

Speaking of movies, as I sit here reading bad reviews of the new 'Phantom of the Opera' film (which I'll openly admit I'm loving reading!), it all makes me smile, and here's why: for all I bitch about remakes, I always have one thought in mind. Every time a classic film is remade these days, it comes out, gets all these rave reviews, and everybody loves them until the next film comes out for them to obsess over. Meanwhile, the true classic lives on, and continues to kick ass, while this big-budget blockbuster is ultimately forgettable, flashy, overdone pablum. Like a new "star" sidling up to a true legend of the screen, as if to say that they are famous now, and thus on equal footing...but when the next heartthrob or sexy smile comes along, they are relegated to the B-movie circuit, while that legend goes and wins another Oscar. *waves* Fly away, little starling, and let the legends play.

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