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I Really Shouldn't...

...but it's my journal, so i will.

You all remember antisense? yeah, i know, and I'm not going on about that anymore. Well, I met a new friend today, grrldan, who informed me that he posted a list of "jerk-ass losers" that he has been "forced" to ban.

*tears of laughter*

So I check the list, there's about 10 of us or so (don't bother looking, he's now taken it down, or privatized it). And, of course, I'm on it. DUH!

Forced, huh? Yeah, I HATE being 'forced' to not see or listen to alternate points of view. And I REALLY HATE being 'forced' to come up with juvenile names in response to comments. He is such an unending source of amusement to me.

I did see that he was recently in a car wreck. I am truly sorry to hear that, and hope that he's OK, and that his present symptoms are just a common sickness and not signs of anything internal. Not that he would believe that, but I don't care.

One last thing I noticed: He made a point of going on how IQ tests are bullshit, but that his score beat someone else's...and that niwi's was even higher. Well, hate to burst your bubble of superiority, but mine has been tested and verified at 215.

Suck the pipe, baby.

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