God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

I Don't Ask For Much

Just another odd IM convo I had...I know strange people (not that I'm complaining)...

**********: *falls at your feet in demon worship*
archmage: I'll take all the worship I can get.
**********: LOL
**********: I can't pay tithes, tho
archmage: No problem, I'm not picky.
**********: How about Monopoly money?
archmage: Nah, no need...just undying worship is plenty.
**********: I'm not very good at the undying part.
archmage: Well, gimme your soul when you die, then. You won't be using it.
**********: I don't have one.
**********: I sold it in 1997.
archmage: I can get you out of that, no problem.
**********: Oh?
archmage: Sure, I have the best lawyers.
**********: Well I never did get what I asked for - except for the sex part. The problem is that part is pointless without the rest.
archmage: Exactly. Sales fraud. We'll have that returned, under the conditionality that it goes to me when you die.
**********: LOL
**********: Problem is I don't die. I reincarnate.
archmage: Well, that all depends on the soul disposition, doesn't it?
**********: eh? *looks confused and innocent and other things*
archmage: Well, if I had your soul, it's not like I'd let it go to be reincarnated, now, would I?
archmage: But...
archmage: ...I'd make sure it had plenty of party-time.
**********: My soul doesn't care for party time much.
archmage: Psssh....what good is it, then? Keep it.
**********: In fact, I'm quite an emotionless cold fish when not bound to earth by a hormonal lump of flesh.
archmage: .......
archmage: You should get out more.

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