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Batten Yer Hatches While I Plunder Yer Booty

So, having gotten the "normal" ending on 'Prince Of Persia', and figuring on having the 'alternate' ending sometime tomorrow, I went ahead and installed Pirates!, only intending to check it out and make sure everything worked.

Arrrr, that be two bells ago.

*ahem* Man, I'm gonna have to be careful and stay away from that until I finish 'Prince of Persia', or I'll never get to it. The game has me completely hooked. And, as I've managed to get a Spanish War Galleon, all outfitted with the latest and greatest upgrades (renamed Castigan's Fury, for my character, "Red Skies" Castigan), I'm presently a-feared from Santiago to Curacao, and all points b'twixt and b'tween. 'Ware me blade, and run from me broadsides, but you'll never defeat me! Yar har har!

As a side note, Dianna finds just listening to me play this very amusing...gee, can't imagine why...;)

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