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I know there hasn't been much substance around here of late, just some random goofiness and game talk...but, hey, that's all that's really going on in my life at the moment. Not a lot happening.

Crap with the jackass has calmed back down. Haven't heard a word out of him in a couple weeks. This is pretty much par for the course; give it another three months, give or take, and he'll jump back up and yell 'ooga booga' again, before dropping back off. For now, things are quiet, and that's groovy by me. Di just avoids him, for the most part, and has decided that, if she DOES have to talk to him about something, she's not doing it without the third party there, which I support completely. Speaking of Erik, he's presently got some sort of sickness, maybe a stomach flu, maybe not that bad, who knows. We'll just hope he gets better, and be glad he's over there, not here. With any luck, jackass will get it. ;)

Still writing back and forth regularly with dravengodvamp. At this point, it looks like he'll be outta there by July at the latest. The waiting sucks (for all of us, really), but it's not that long, all things considered. Speaking of which, I have to make a post for him...

I think I've found the bike I'm-a get, the Jeep Overland S Comfort Bike. Pretty basic, and should be good for what I want it for, and for the price I'm wanting to pay. Anyone have any experience with it, or have anything to say about it? I'm waiting for a check that should be in the mail by Friday (yay, I'm actually getting paid for some work!), and then I'll go pick it up, along with a couple other small things I want.

Now, I prophesied last night that I'd have 'Prince of Persia' beat by noon, so that gives me two hours to kick the Dahaka's sandy, time-jumping ass. I'm off!
EDIT: 11:02am - The Dahaka is dead. Booyah.

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