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Sharing The Wealth

As I went through my list of online comics I read everyday, I discovered that the author of Randym Thoughts shares my birthday. From various LJ posts, I've seen a few more people who share it as well. This made me go looking for others...and what an august assemblage...

Madchen Amick
Bob Barker
Jennifer Connelly
Edward Irwin Koch
Dionne Warwick
Sheila E
Terry Williams, Drummer for Dire Straits
Clive Bunker, Drummer for Jethro Tull
Cy Curnin, Lead for The Fixx
Mike Pinder, Keyboards for The Moody Blues
Mike Smith, Singer and Keyboards for The Dave Clark Five

Frank Sinatra - The Chairman Of The Board
Arthur Brisbane - Editor, Writer, the master of the big, blaring headline and of the atrocity story
Philip Drinker - Invented the Iron Lung
Dick James - Music Publisher of The Beatles
Howard Koch - wrote the radio script for "War of the Worlds" and won an Oscar for the screenplay of "Casablanca"
Dick Moores - Comic Strip Cartoonist, Dick Tracy
Zack Mosley - Comic Strip Cartoonist, Buck Rogers
Edvard Munch - Painter (everybody SCREAM!)
Robert N. Noyce - Intel Corporation founder; co-inv of The Semiconductor chip
Edward G. Robinson - TV/Movie/Stage Actor
Harry Warner - One of the Warner Brothers

Tallulah Bankhead: 1968 (was 65) - TV/Movie/Stage Actress, Lesbian, Batman's The Black Widow
Robert Browning: 1889 (was 77) - Poet
Douglas Elton Fairbanks, Sr.: 1939 (was 56) - Movie/Stage Actor, Producer, United Artists co-founder; Zorro, Three Musketeers, Robin Hood; first and greatest of Hollywood's swashbucklers
Ian Stewart: 1985 (was 47) - Pianist, Keyboardist, an original member of The Rolling Stones

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