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Expand Your Mind

Excellent work, my friends. Most of you got the answers:
1. Heroine: HE, HER, HERO, HEROINE

2. The trick was the number. Not the year, but the number of bills; 1,990 bills are $1,990, so 1,989 would be a dollar less.

3. The presence of blood on the seat indicates injury prior to being thrown out of the car, thus the driver was not killed in the car wreck.
OK, let's see if we can get a little more obscure today. A little physics for ya to ponder...answers in the comment section will be screened as always:
Consider an air-filled balloon held under water by a weight, so that the balloon will neither rise nor fall, as in (A). The question is this: What will happen to the balloon if it is forced under the surface, as in (B)? Will the balloon rise, fall, or stay where it is released? Explain.

Get out your thinking caps and go for it.

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