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Icon Work

Well, I had to do a bit of emergency icon work today. As you know, I help run dreamyicons, so I have an icon I use for making "moderator posts". The art on it was from an artist that a lot of the members happen to like, and who USED to be very cool about things. We had asked for permission to use his art in icons before (and I know for a fact that others had asked before using his art in layouts, etc.), and he had always been generous and relaxed about it. After all, we weren't trying to pass the art off as our own, no profit was being made, and credit was always given.

Well, recently, he decided to join some artists' collective, and suddenly you have to buy a license to use the work, it cannot be altered, cropped, or drawn over, and no text...the rules just go on. He made this license retroactive, as well, so all those things we'd been given permission to do, were suddenly under violation of this license (and since none of that permission was in legally binding writing, there's nothing that can be done).

Now, I don't fault him for protecting his work. I support that...but it sucked for all of us loyal fans who had done right in the first place to be left in the cold like that. So, I dumped that icon, just to be safe and all, and made a new one. Apparently, I'm just obsessed with figuring out how much animation I can cram into one icon...


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