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Man, you just don't realize how nice it is to wake up without a headache, until you have a day like yesterday. Fuckin' thing didn't go away until I lay down to go to sleep. Woke up really early this morning, and felt wonderful...whee!

I'd love to show you pix of the presents Di and I got from nythien, but this camera sucks balls. Once Di comes home with the good camera, I'll get pix, but I can at least give you the highlights. This box, see, was our wedding gift, and my birthday, and our Xmas presents. So, much rejoicing was had. For the wedding, we got this wild looking wall hanging of a European dragon, holding a crystal ball, bronze-looking. Gotta find a place to hang that, it's really cool. For the Xmas, I got this handpainted ceramic sarcophagus, a little over 6 inches long, done with an Anubis head. Inside, it even has a little mummy, who I have, for some odd reason, taken to calling Norman. This earned a coveted spot on my desk, it was so cool. And for the birthday? Well, for a moment, I thought she'd gotten me a box full of string; no, I'm not kidding, a big ol' Doc Marten's shoebox full of string. Buried in the string, however, was a bottle of Tarantula...aww, see, my beautiful Jessica knows me well. And the string? Well, who knows, I'll make something out of it someday. ;)

Oh, camera. Well, not too long ago, Di's mom got a small HP camera, and started having problems with it. She ended up sending it back and getting a replacement, and had similar problems (it kept losing the date, wouldn't turn on, etc.). So, as luck would have it, a couple friends of hers bought her a new camera in China (the friends are the neighbour yuppies I tech for, and they go over there 3 or 4 times a year). The new camera is great, she loves it, so I asked to take her old camera, figured maybe I could figure out the problem or something, which she was fine with. Well, to the best of my guesses, the only problem is that she kept leaving it on and draining the batteries, because those problems don't happen to me, so in essence, I have a camera at the house again.

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