God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Social Graces

So, after the fun-filled day of "got-my-honey-at-home", we ended up heading over to karzon and royhuggins's place for their gathering...just a large group of friends, bring some booze, and add a hot tub. Well, we avoided the hot tub this time, but we had fun. I may be basically a misanthrope, but I still have to be around people occasionally. Ended up spending most of the evening hanging around with John and delilahbowie (which is cool, since I don't see Rachel much, and I'm getting to be better and better friends with John through the game thing). One funny thing happened: as we walked in, karzon introduced us around, and one person spoke up and said "you should know me". Now, my old Memphis buddies know I'm a bit used to having a rep that proceeds me, but not here. Well, as it turns out, she (Blue, or lovemotionstory on LJ) is the roomie of Brady (rifkinite), who used to be married to zombiedip's niece. Small world, eh? It's always odd to meet someone who not only knows you, but knows you by LJ name!

Anyway, after a bit of wandering, I settled for a spot on the couch, and the convo get going in earnest. Met and had a blast talking with several people, though, in the end, it was pretty much me and Di, John and Rachel, and Blue and a friend of hers (who was damn cool to talk to, hope I see him again). All of this, of course, while I slugged down a very significant portion of the Tarantula I just got...which makes all this a little tough to type out. Thank the Maker for spellcheck, eh? ;)

I don't have to go in for scenes tomorrow, which is probably good. Gotta long day of shooting on Sunday, though, so I better turn in early tomorrow. Interesting side note: talking with the assistant director of this film (rowan_ashe), she mentioned that she's shown a lot of the short films that they have made to people, and for the most part, the second favourite one is the one I did...how cool is that! Go me!

OK, I've had enough of drunken typing for one night. A big glass of water and it's off to bed with me.

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