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What A Fuckin' Day

Thank the Maker for spellcheck...since I'm typing this out one-handed. Why? Because [info]This Damn Fool damn near broke his hand today.

Short version: after a day of not really doing a lot (shooting ran behind), Di came to pick me up, and had Erik with her. I was still in make-up and all, so I decided to kinda play with him, hunched over, and started running across the parking lot towards him. Somewhere along the way, I overbalanced and hit the asphalt...at full speed. Took most of the fall on my left hand, followed with the left knee and right hand, rolled with the fall to the left, scraped my head, and came to a stop on my back.

Yeah, looked great and moronic at the same time.

Tore up my hands and my knee is sore, but other than the left pinky and ring finger being a little stiff, no problem. On the drive home, though, it hurt more and more, and started to swell. We stopped for food, and I finally agreed to go to the ER and get the hand X-rayed, as I was beginning to believe I'd broken it. In the end, though, they said it wasn't broken, just a deep contusion. Bandaged my hands, splinted the left one, gave me some Vicoden, and let me go.

Having one hand fuckered is already driving me crazy (this is giving me a whole new respect for strangewink, for sure). Di is just liking the fact that SHE can finally take care of ME for a change. Supposed to go back tomorrow evening for some more filming, so I better be feeling better because, call me stubborn, but I'm not bailing on this.

Ow. More about things tomorrow...right now, I want a hot bath. And some painkillers. So pardon me for not commenting too much for a few days.

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