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So, I head out to the bus. Luckily, it stops, literally, outside my door, so this shouldn't be a problem. Unfortunately, part of the street, down the way, is blocked for construction. The bus doesn't show. I finally give up and go inside, when the bus shows. Thankfully, a couple kids also waiting saw which apartment I went into, and ran over to get me. Running back out the door, I broke one of the chains on my wallet, the cool one with the skulls. OK, head to the doc, I'm there way early, finally get through it all and get back out to the bus stop 5 minutes after the bus went by. That means another HOUR of waiting here in the bright sunlight, before the bus (still running late) shows up...which is just late enough that my transfer is no good anymore, and I have to pay again.

All in all, 3 hours of my day gone, for a 20-minute doc appointment that boils down to "yep, looks fine, wrap it in gauze...which I don't seem to have, so go buy some." Between that useless bit of info and my hand hurting like a motherfucker due to his 'examining' it, I'm not really in a good mood.

Oh, lest I forget, my chair is now REALLY broken. I'd get a new one, if I ever got paid.

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