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Game Start - Recap

Well, due to transport problems, strangewink was unable to make it, but we're working on plans to make sure that is no longer a problem. We got divinemissb's character made, and after a bit more laughter and foolishness, got started. I planned to not get too far, because I want to be able to easily bring Bill's character in, but I let them get going, and the group dynamic looks like it's gonna work just fine, which is, obviously, a good thing.

You know how I KNEW it would be a good night? Before we even got started, there was a knock at the door. Open up, and it's the police. Yep, 5-0 at my door. As it turns out, they were just asking if I'd heard some altercation, and when I said no (we'd been kinda loud), he asked about the address, and they were at the wrong location! Vancouver cops, gotta love them. Still, cops showing up before the game even gets going, that was a sign from the Game Gods.

Funniest line of the night? "Well, this one time? At the bandit camp?..." (No apple pies or flutes were involved.)

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