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Been A While

I haven't done a survey in, what, a week or so? Wow...falling behind...good thing I stole this one from nighthawk:

name: Frank Howard Prevatt, Jr.
DOB: December 12, 1972, 9:04 am (for all you numerologists out there.
Location: Seattle, WA
Religion: The closest I could attempt to specify would be Zen Discordianism
Occupation: Account Retention Specialist, amateur graphic/web designer

hair: Brown, long, starting to get a balding patch (*major pout*)
eyes: Brown, someone described them as 'thoughtful' once
height: 6'3"
weight: 240
figure: mild gut, but tall enough to pull it off

clothing: jeans, t-shirts, leather
music: Anything but whiny R&B or country/western
bodyart: 1 tattoo (chaos star, left shoulder), more planned; 1 piercing (left earlobe), more planned

wearing: black longsleeve "Lucky's XXX Irish Stout" shirt, black jeans, black sweats (it's chilly here), black boots, black boxers (sensing a trend here?), black leather cycle jacket
listening to: Stabbing Westward
thinking of: Bianca
feeling: broke and despondent

bought: cheeseburger this morning
drank: Mountain Dew, just now
read: Bram Stoker's 'The Jewel Of Seven Stars'
watched on TV: movies on Sci-Fi Channel

food: Pizza
drink: Captain Morgan's and Coke
color: Purple
shoes: Boots
site: Keenspot
vegetable: Onions
fruit: Kiwi
berry: Raspberry

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