God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Slow Saturday

Wow, I was starting to forget what these feel like. No shooting scenes today (in fact, none this week), and Di went to put in half a day's overtime at work...so, actually, today is like any other: get up and sit around the house alone. Whee.

Hand is still healing, thanks for asking. I'm keeping some gauze wrapped around the left one while the large wound in it heals, but the other is fine. Knee is just a little sore. Left hand still hurts like a bitch, but not a motherfucker, so I suppose that's an improvement.

Supposed to go to Edward Monkey's birthday party tonight. That's the director of this movie (and other short films, etc...basically, he runs the show over at Guerrilla Productions). It should be interesting, the theme is Cabinet of Curiosities: everyone brings an 'exhibit' to show off for the night. I'm taking my bronze Cthulhu statue and my miniature sarcophagus and mummy (that nythien gave me for Xmas). I've even made up little 'display cards' for them:

Printed them out, glued them to card stock, then made little stands for the backs and glued them on, so they will stand up next to their respective pieces.

Anyway, should be a hoot. That's about it for me, though. Hope the day treats ya right.

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