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No more taking calls for me for the rest of the day...Sometimes, being a suck-up is good. Being able to do something no one else around can do helps, too...

On an unrelated note, apparently I cannot eat popcorn at my desk without making a mess. The cleaning crew must hate me..."Geezus Pleezus! Look, Consuela, he's been eating popcorn again!"


Anyone wanna shoot pool tomorrow night? There's a kick-ass little pool hall up the street from me, and I'm headed there tomorrow night...anyone wanna join?

*slurp* <--Mountain Dew, of course

Dammit, someone needs to invent personal teleportation devices...I'm so fed up with the whole vehicular situation (from all ends of it), that I just cannot fucking take it.


Dammit, someone near me needs to throw a party. I need a party...c'mon, it was my b'day this week, and I didn't get to do ANYTHING. Party, someone. Party NOW!!!

I think I need a vacation.

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